Daughter Of Kings…

Is a soon to be published Trilogy of Trilogies about a teen girl struggling to take back her desolated kingdom. She escaped death, only to be enslaved by her enemies, and her secret is that she is actually the princess of her kingdom…and now the rightful Queen.

On her dangerous journey, she will discover things about her family and kingdom she never knew…and possibly a bit about herself.

This series for teenagers has a bit of a medieval flair, a ton of magic, and a whole lot of drama and adventure…

About The Author

Hello! Thank you so much for dropping in! I am Arein Greensworth, a teen writer with big dreams. Daughter Of Kings has been my best work so far, and I plan on releasing book 1 of my Trilogy Of Trilogies this year. This website is where I will share bits and pieces of my story, cover art, illustrations and news! Please help support me by following my site! It would mean the world to me… 😉

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Book One: Break For Freedom

Will be released in 2021

Book Two: The Glass Wood

Book Three: Unknown

What My Friends Say About Book One, Break For Freedom.

My friends have already gotten to read the first draft of Book One…here is what they say!

I’ve been reading Daughter of Kings for several months now, following along with it as it’s been written, and I’ve always been amazed at how Arein writes.  It reads so smoothly; I’m so amazed.  I love the character development, particularly with Adrian.  He’s technically a bad character, but there are moments where I almost like him!  It’s so cool. 🙂  At the same time, there are bad characters (like Uglath) that I can never like.  Arein does a great job of making him and his minions really, really bad.  Another thing I love is how Aida has an attitude; it does a lot for her character, I think.  I loved Book One, and I look forward to reading more of Book Two!! 


Daughter of Kings is just overall a wonderful book! I’ve been watching its evolution since basically the beginning, and it has become a great epic novel. The characters are awesome- the author, Arein, has the amazing ability to create three-dimensional characters that engage you. Even the villains are captivating and feel real. The plot and worldbuilding are fascinating, and there are many surprising twists! This is a beautifully written fantasy novel that you will have trouble putting down and I highly recommend it!


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